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Romà Infraestructures i Serveis S.A.U developed its activity principally in the area of public works, civil works and services and is highly qualified with the maximum Business Classification in Works of the State, Autonomous Communities and Local Administrations, without forgetting individual works.

State Classification: Land movement and drilling, levelling, quarries, wells and galleries. Hydraulic installations, irrigation channels and drains, embankment defence, high-pressure and wide-mouthed piping, supplies and repairs. Roads and tracks, bituminous mix and hydraulic concrete surfacing, signs and beacons. Electrical installations, low voltage distribution. Special, gardening and plants, water treatment units.

Classification of the Government of Catalonia: Wells and viaducts, buildings, concrete and metal structures, palette work, stone and marble, flooring, installation and weatherproofing. Mechanical installations, elevators and transporters, ventilation, heating and cooling, masonry and sanitary work.

Service Classification: Preservation and maintenance of roads and tracks, preservation and maintenance of water networks and drains, mountains and gardens. General transport services. Urban waste incineration and treatment services.


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